Voices of International Students



Interdisciplinary Program in Life and Environmental Sciences, College of Biological Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

From Republic of Korea

What do you enjoy about Tsukuba (University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba City)?

I really love the environment here! Some people might say it’s countryside and boring. But I really love that Tsukuba is surrounded by nature and there are many beautiful parks and ponds in and around the campus. As a person who has lived in the middle of a big city all my life before coming to Tsukuba, I prefer a quiet and peaceful place like Tsukuba over Tokyo. Especially, Tsukuba provides me with a perfect place to focus on my study and research. Also, Tsukuba has a nice public transportation system to Tokyo, so it’s not hard to go to Tokyo or other cities on a day trip if necessary.

What do you want to accomplish as a student of the University of Tsukuba during your study period?

Tsukuba has students from many different countries and backgrounds. I want to make friends with these students and experience different cultures. Tsukuba also has a variety of well-developed physical education classes and clubs. Based on these opportunities, I want to continue to do workouts and certain sports such as Judo.
But one of the things that I want to accomplish the most is an academic accomplishment. Tsukuba has many outstanding internal research groups and many research institutes around the school. I want to be part of such a research group and publish a paper in a scientific journal during my study period. These experiences will bring me one step close to my dream of becoming a leading scientist.


Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba