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School of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences

From China

What do you enjoy about Tsukuba (University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba City)?

Before coming to Tsukuba city, the greatest attraction to me was the presence of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), which was filled with a sense of the future and cutting-edge technology. However, after starting my life in Tsukuba, I found myself enchanted by the natural environment, from the long running route stretching from the school to the Doho Park, always capable of healing my weary soul. The University of Tsukuba is a cool place where cutting-edge technology and traditional culture coexist. I deeply feel that perhaps only at this school on Earth, you can imagine what kind of sparks might collide between Nobel laureates and martial arts. At the same time, the University of Tsukuba is also the alma mater of Tian Han, the lyricist of the Chinese national anthem, so I feel very familiar to this university.

What do you want to accomplish as a student of the University of Tsukuba during your study period?

During my time as a student of The University of Tsukuba, I will spare no effort to fulfill the two goals I once set for myself. The first is to diligently practice Kendo, honing a new version of myself. The second is to leverage University of Tsukuba's unique research capabilities to attempt to understand the scientific and social values inherent in Kendo techniques and competitions. At the same time, in keeping with the current trends of the times, I hope to make every effort to gain a clear understanding of everything related to artificial intelligence within University of Tsukuba , and envision the future development directions of the fields relevant to me.

Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba