Voices of International Students



College of Psychology, School of Human Sciences

From Singapore

What do you enjoy about Tsukuba (University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba City)?

Running along the rows of trees along Ichinoya at dusk is possibly one of the greatest feeling known to mankind. That, or cycling through seas of paddy fields flowing with the breeze. What's more, the school is unironically built in a forest, so the vibe is immaculate.

Now, you may or may not hear people say that there is nothing to do in Tsukuba. Do not listen to these people. They are lying. Tsukuba is full of wonders if you take the time to wander. Food is bussing, with portion sizes larger than your face. There's 宝篋山(Houkyou-san), which people often turn a blind eye to as these people are busy admiring the more well-endowed brother Tsukuba-san. Not to mention, there's also the Hoshino Coffee in Kenkyugakuen, which unlike other branches features a panoramic view of glowing green grass (before the harvest, that is). It's no Disneyland, but chilling around in Tsukuba with the people I love is where it's at.

What do you want to accomplish as a student of the University of Tsukuba during your study period?

Getting big and being free. Hitting the gym has been so important for me ever since leaving my home country Singapore. Beyond keeping my thoughts and feelings in check, I've come to realise that training is something that I can and will like to take with me wherever I might go. My favourite exercises are lateral raises and big bicep curls. It's crazy because though I have days where I feel down, I have learned that doing the lat raises also raises my spirits. In that very same way, in Tsukuba University, I look forward to learning what works for me, to become the best (biggest) version of myself that others can rely on.

Besides my renewed enthusiasm for the gym, I've also tried to challenge myself with new activities including mountain climbing. Hiking is something that didn't hold much significance to me back in Singapore, where the land is flat and the view's not particularly breathtaking. But by joining the hiking club, making lifelong friends, challenging ourselves physically and mentally, I have found my horizons broadening with every trip to brave the mountains. At this point, I could use the cliche about life's ups and downs, but sometimes the hardest things in life run their course on flat ground. That's why I've decided that I want to try running the Tsukuba marathon during my time here. Just for the lols.


Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba
Celebrating the 151st 50th Anniversary of the University of Tsukuba